Browse by Appointment

As part of our phased reopening, Waterford Libraries are delighted to launch a new “Browse by Appointment” service. This service will now be available from Ardkeen Library, Lismore Library and Tramore Library.

From Monday, June 29th library members can phone and speak to a staff member at 0761 10 2484, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to book a date and time to visit one of these library branches.

Waterford Libraries are working hard to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. We will arrange an appointment and location with each customer to ensure that social distancing guidelines are adhered to at all times. The health and safety of library customers and staff is at the forefront of all decisions regarding the gradual re-opening of library services. The library management team are working with national guidelines in relation to social distancing and sanitation to provide safe library services.

Library materials can also be returned to Ardkeen Library, Lismore Library and Tramore Library from Monday, June 29th during Browse by Appointment times.

Browse by Appointment FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Browse by Appointment Service?

Browse by Appointment is a new library service provided by Waterford Libraries. Library members can phone Waterford Libraries and book a time to visit their library of choice.   


Which libraries are offering the Browse by Appointment Service from June 29th?

Ardkeen Library, Lismore Library and Tramore Library.


How many books or items can I take out?

You can choose up to five items per library member.


How do I contact the Browse by Appointment service to request the service?

You can contact the library on 0761 10 2484 to book an appointment with your preferred branch, Ardkeen Library, Lismore Library or Tramore Library. 

Can I use the library catalogue to request specific items?

The library catalogue isn’t available at the moment. For now, we can’t request library materials that aren’t physically in our branches. We can only supply books that are in a particular branch.  We cannot move books between branches at this time. 


My local library isn’t open yet, can I use another library?

Yes you can! You can contact 0761 10 2484   from the 29th June Lismore Library, Tramore Library and Ardkeen Library will operate a Browse by Appointment.


When will my local library be open?

We are opening libraries on a phased basis to protect the safety of our customers and staff. Library management are working closely with health and safety staff to ensure we establish safe practices for providing library services.


I’m in a vulnerable group or have been cocooning, what safety regulations are in place?

Waterford Libraries are committed to a safe working and customer based service at all times. Safe queuing practices, increased cleaning of doors and surfaces, social distancing are all in place and our staff are trained in hand hygiene and safe respiratory hygiene. Waterford Libraries are following national guidelines for safe handling of library materials.


Is it safe for me to queue at a library for Browse by Appointment?

Waterford Council are providing street signage, so you can queue safely inside and outside the library building.


Can I request from other libraries around the country?

Not for the moment, you can only choose items that are on shelves in the library you have made an appointment to visit.


Can I request without a library card?

You can join online at or contact us on 0761 10 2484 if you need help to fill in the form.  You can also join when you make an appointment to visit the library.  It is important to phone to make an appointment as this is a browse by appointment service. Please bring your library card when visiting the library.


Can I collect items for someone else?

Yes, you can nominate someone else to select items. The nominated person will need to bring the library card of the person they are selecting items for to the Library. Remember to contact the library to book an appointment. The nominated person must come at the appointed time.


What days will the Browse by Appointment be available?

Branch Monday Tuesday
Ardkeen Library 10am – 1pm  & 2pm – 5pm 10am – 1pm  & 2pm – 5pm
Lismore Library 10am – 1pm  & 2pm – 5pm 10am – 1pm  & 2pm – 5pm
Tramore Library 10am – 1pm  & 2pm – 5pm 10am – 1pm  & 2pm – 5pm

First appointment time is 10:00am and last appointment time is 4:00pm 


I missed my appointment time, what do I do?

Please get in touch with the Waterford Libraries 0761 10 2484 or and make an appointment for another time & date.


How long do I keep my library items for?

The lending period for library books is three weeks.



How do I return books that I have on loan?

Books can be placed into our library book returns container when you are in the library at your Browse by Appointment time. 

Books can also be returned to Central Library,  Dungarvan Library and Carrickphierish Library during their Contact and Collect times. 


What safety measures are in place in relation to returned library items?

Waterford Libraries are following national guidelines for safe handling of library materials.


Are there any other library services provided in Waterford?

You can also contact 0761 10 2484, as Central Library, Dungarvan Library and Carrickphierish Library are currently operating a Contact and Collect service. You can return you books to both locations during open times. More information about the Contact and Collect Service is availabe here.


Other services

What other library services are available at the moment?

You can access eBooks and eAudiobooks, emagazines, digital newspapers and digital learning through our library apps. Learn more at

Our library staff are providing storytimes, sharing links and recommending books on our library facebook and other social media.  Visit for more.

You can join the library online at or contact us on 0761 102484 if you need help to fill in the form.


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