Decies No. 5

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  • Decies (V) (5)
  •  (Waterford; Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society, May 1977)


    • Report of AGM Officers and Committee of Old Waterford Society
    • Editorial. Membership List.
    • The Walls and Defences of Waterford, Part II, by JS. Carroll
    • The Making of “Vadrefiord”, from Arnoldus Hille
    • William Redmond and the Irish Free State, Part II, by Brian A. Reynolds
    • Comments and Questions from Previous Issues (Federated Trade and Labour Unions; Castles in Waterford; Mineral Mining in Kilkenny; Notes on Field Names)
    • Waterford’s Quaker Community, 1650-1800, Part II, by Emilie Bennis
    • Notes on Burials in the French Church, Part II, by Julian C. Walton
    • Domestic Detail of the Shapland Carews, by R.Cowman
    • Miscellania (Waterford’s Iron Exports; Workhouse Correspondence, 1857; Drinking Patterns in Kilmacthomas)
    • A Walk through the Past round Dunmore, by Jack Walsh
    • Summer Programme of the Old Waterford Society

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