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January 2021

Between Two Evils by Eva Dolan

As the country bakes under the relentless summer sun, a young doctor is found brutally murdered at his home in a picturesque Cambridgeshire village.

Is his death connected to his private life – or his professional one?

Dr Joshua Ainsworth worked at an all-female detention centre, one still recovering from a major scandal a few years before. Was he the whistle-blower – or an instigator?

As Detective Sergeant Ferreira and Detective Inspector Zigic begin to painstakingly reconstruct Dr Ainsworth’s last days, they uncover yet more secrets and more suspects. But this isn’t the only case that’s demanding their attention – a violent criminal has been released on a technicality and the police force know he will strike again: the only question is who will be his first victim…

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The Convert by Stefan Hertmans

In the small village in Provence where Stefan Hertmans has made his home, people have long spoken of an ancient pogrom and hidden treasure. Then, at the end of the nineteenth century, an extraordinary collection of Jewish documents was found in a synagogue in Cairo.

Hertmans has based The Convert on these historical sources, tracing the life of a young Christian noblewoman who abandoned everything for the love of a rabbi’s son. In this startlingly contemporary novel, Hertmans follows in her footsteps as the lovers flee through France together, pursued by crusading knights, and recounts her dazzling journey full of love and hardship, courage and hate, as she journeys on towards Jerusalem alone.

The Convert brings the chaos of the Middle Ages to life with boundless imagination and stylistic ingenuity, portraying the tragic love story of a woman in exile and a world in flux.

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Against The Loveless World by Susan Abulhawa

Nahr has been confined to the Cube: nine square metres of glossy grey cinderblock, devoid of time, its patterns of light and dark nothing to do with day and night. Journalists visit her, but get nowhere; because Nahr is not going to share her story with them.

The world outside calls Nahr a terrorist, and a whore; some might call her a revolutionary, or a hero. But the truth is, Nahr has always been many things, and had many names.

She was named for the river her pregnant mother crossed when she fled from Palestine, but her feckless father called her Yaqoot, Ruby. For a time when she came of age she was Almas, Diamond, a girl who went to hidden parties in Kuwait with powerful men, who sold off parts of herself to keep her family together. She was a girl who learned, early and painfully, that when you are a second class citizen love is a kind of desperation; she learned, above all else, to survive.

She was a girl who went to Palestine in the wrong shoes, and without looking for it found what she had always lacked in the basement of a battered beauty parlour: purpose, politics, friends. She found a dark-eyed man called Bilal, who taught her to resist; who tried to save her when it was already too late.

Nahr sits in the Cube, and tells her story to Bilal. Bilal, who isn’t there; Bilal, who may not even be alive, but who is her only reason to get out.

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Red/Black by Rachel Atherton-Charvat

Sarah Hughes. Wife, mother, secret gambler.

Her life is one of stability and security. Settled in Cheltenham, married for over twenty years, lovely children… but her inner trauma of losing a child in a car accident in which she was driving is reopened when her husband accepts a full-time posting to a military camp in Germany. Upon arriving in Germany, her underlying depression returns and she starts gambling online. The isolated posting and pressures of army life exacerbates her struggle and exposes the frailties of her marriage.

The stakes rise as her gambling escalates and she starts to realise her husband is not all she believed…

Red/ Black is a carefully constructed story that deals with very modern themes of mental health and gambling.

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The Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

When Jessica signs up for a psychology study conducted by the mysterious Dr Shields, she thinks all she’ll have to do is answer a few questions, collect her money and leave. But as the questions grow more and more invasive, she begins to feel as though they know what she’s thinking . . . and what she’s hiding.

As Jessica’s paranoia grows, it becomes clear that she can no longer trust what is real in her life, and what is one of Dr Shields’s manipulative experiments. Caught in a web of deceit and jealousy, Jess quickly learns that some obsessions can be deadly.

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The Shelf by Helly Acton

What starts as a frenzied look at a bizarre new reality show, where women are dumped live on air and have to compete to prove their eligibility to the public of the UK, moves to a more considered look at female friendships and confidence. The sometimes foolish, sometimes symbolic activities of the reality show and the selfishness of ex partners offers comedic enjoyment as lead character Amy goes reluctantly on a journey of self exploration where she realises her strengths, her dissatisfaction with her life and the strength of the women that surround her.  Fresh, funny and light, this is thought provoking enough to keep you pondering and kind enough that its never mean spirited.

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The Nothing Man by Catherine Ryan Howard

Catherine Ryan Howard is bringing serial killer novels to an Irish setting in a realistic way. Eve Black, one of the only survivors of 1990’s killer and rapist, the Nothing Man, named as the police had nothing on him and no leads.  Eve’s modern day research has shed some light on the Nothing Man and her True Crime memoir causes a big splash in Ireland, especially in her native Cork where security guard Jim Doyle seethes and sweats about the details of the case’s Eve has written about, and considers how the Nothing Man can put the facts straight.

The definition of a psychological thriller, Jim and Eve narrate alternate chapters as they circle around each other and approach the real truth of what happened twenty years ago.

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The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary

A smart, modern story about Tiffy and Leon who move in as strangers to a one bedroom flat to save money. Tiffy works 9 – 5 in a quirky publishing house that doesn’t pay much and needs an affordable London home since her relationship break up, and Leon a hardworking nurse on the night shift, needs someone to help share the expenses on his apartment so he can support his mother and brother. The solution they come up over the phone is to share the bed as their lifestyles don’t overlap. But as they reach out to each other in notes and kindnesses, both start yearning to meet their new friend. A slow burn love story with lots of humour of two damaged people finding each other in the same flat, and working to connect.

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Little Sister by Lucy Dawson

Sisters Kate and Anya have suffered tragedy together and grown up supporting each other as their parents pulled apart, leaving the girls to be family for each other. Kate is devastated to get a late night phone call from Mexico, saying her sister never returned from a diving trip – a trip Kate never knew Anya went on, that Anya hid from her. What else has Anya hidden? Kate’s frantic journey to impel Mexican police to search for Anya while working through her own guilt from their youth is emphasised by the time ticking away on Anya – is she alive and can she be found in time?

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Ghosts by Dolly Alderton

The first novel by pod caster and journalist Dolly Alderton, this book is careful not to update Bridget Jones for a new generation.  Food writer Nina is starting dating again after spending two years getting a book deal and buying her first home. Her peers are marriage focused, sometimes to the detriment of their independence and good sense but Nina remains realistic and focused on what she’s looking for.

Her first relationship blossoms and turns into something real, just as Nina is getting her head around her dad’s health and his age-related memory loss. But how much can you trust someone else? Nina recognises in herself as in the failing memories of her father, that we carry the ghosts of everyone we’ve ever loved, whether they deserve it or not. A touching and illuminating novel of love and maturity with a confident and self-assured heroine.

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Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris

The gritty follow up to bestseller Tattooist of Auschwitz, Cilka’s Journey follows Auschwitz survivor Cilka Klein, liberated but not yet free as the tortured politics of post-war Europe forces her into a Siberian Gulag as punishment for colluding with Nazis to survive. Distrusted, defamed and disempowered, her survival instinct rises once again and she forms a community within her fellow prisoners, unified by her strength, generosity and loyalty. Through kind staff she trains in the Gulag hospital, makes solid friends, exhorts change within the camp, and finds love. But the Gulag’s crushing injustice is always close by to remind her of human frailty.

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Birdcage Walk by Helen Dunmore

A suspenseful historical story about a tense and distrusting marriage. Set in 18th century Bristol, reeling from shocking events in revolutionary France, Lizzie Fawkes is the new wife of a Bolshy  developer building impressive houses in the rapidly growing city.

Her mother is a philosopher and writer,who inspires Lizzie’s curiosity and independence of thought, as her husband’s business failing drive him to greater paranoia and cruelty.


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The Chain by Adrian McKinty

A terrible action by a desperate couple – the chain continues. What if you were forced into a pyramid scheme by a stranger, told to pay an impossible amount to stay in the chain, with your child kidnapped as collateral?  Rachel Klein is fighting breast cancer and crippling debts after her divorce when her teen daughter Kylie is snatched and a phone call tells her about the Chain. The Chain is administered by shadowy overloads who can see Rachel’s, calls, emails and movements and threaten annihilation if the Chain is broken. But is it really unbreakable, if you have nothing left to lose?

The Chain is a fast paced thriller with twists and clues to help plot our way to the Chain’s masterminds.

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If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane

Solicitor Laurie is stunned when her partner of 16 years leaves her, effective immediately. To add insult, he is still the golden boy of the law firm where they both work and Laurie is cast as the pathetic ex when he announces his new girlfriend’s pregnancy. Striking up a friendship with office bad boy Jamie, Laurie agrees to pretend to date Jamie to help Jamie get a promotion and Laurie keep her dignity.
A typical romance novel set-up but this novel is full of charm, realistic humour and chemistry and realistic repercussions for Laurie and Jamie’s social media-conducted hoax romance. Hilarious and heart-breakingly real on the pain of break-ups and realising you’re stronger for them.

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Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane

The story of two couples raising families in suburban New York in the 1980’s. Francis and Lena are hard working, friendly parents of three girls; Brian and Anne raise their son in a atmosphere of tension and secrets. When their children form a devoted and lifelong friendship, both families will be joined together for decades, through tragedy and forgiveness. A study of family dynamics and the work that goes into making marriage more than romance.


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An Unsuitable Match by Joanna Trollope

A light but thoughtful novel following divorced Rose, mid sixties and rediscovering what makes her happy after her marriage break up, falling in love with old flame Tyler, who seems to offer her all the romance and devotion she was denied by her first husband. Her adult children are divided when Tyler proposes to Rose and work to delay the wedding – uncovering revelations about their own life choices as they struggle to control their mother’s choices. Privileged and well drawn characters move from complacency to light conflict in this enjoyable family drama.

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Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler

A modern update of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Kate is a blunt, cranky teacher’s assistant who’s workaholic scientist father uses her as a housekeeper and to help raise her young sister Bunny. Then he asks her to marry his research assistant Pyotr to get him a Green Card and Kate is furious. But Pyotr seems to be the only person who appreciates her personality and Kate starts to recognise him as a method of escaping her father’s house.
Light and funny, this family comedy has fun with family dynamics and reinvents a well known tale.

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Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth

30 something Jenny is falling apart, deserted by her shallow boyfriend, harried by her flaky mum and disregarded by her best friend who doesn’t want to help Jenny fact check her Instagram posts anymore. Jenny, a journalist for a zeitgeisty woman’s magazine, has lost herself in social media and shallow longings.
A witty and sensitive look at modern life and the ways we can distract ourselves from what we really want by listening to what everyone else wants for us.

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December 2020


One Perfect Christmas and other Stories by Paige Toon

In this irresistible collection, Paige Toon reunites a much-loved cast from across her sixteen bestselling novels. Catch up with Johnny Be Good’s rockstar Johnny Jefferson and his wife Meg as a shocking family secret is revealed; see what happens when Pictures of Lily’s leading lady gets the exclusive chance to photograph Hollywood’s hottest new couple; and find out whether Bronte from Thirteen Weddings chose the right man to spend her life with after all . . .

This Christmas, Paige Toon brings you nine witty and heartfelt romantic stories PUBLISHED IN PRINT FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, as readers are whisked across the globe from movie premieres in LA to frosty Christmases in England.

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Christmas for the District Nurses by Annie Groves

The East End of London has been devastated by the Blitz and the people are struggling to come to terms with their ravaged city. Rationing bites ever deeper and and everything that makes life better is in short supply.

For the district nurses, the challenges are tougher than ever. Gladys loves her work in the Civil Nursing Reserve, but just when she needs to rely on her sister at home to help out with the chores, she turns into a handful of trouble. Edith is learning to cope with her boyfriend’s injuries after Dunkirk but will she have to choose between her love for him and her career?

With no end in sight, the war reaches its darkest moment … Can the nurses – and the families and patients that rely on them – find the strength to carry on?

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Christmas in The Snow by Karen Swan

No secret stays buried forever . . .

In London, the snow is falling and Christmas is just around the corner – but Allegra Fisher barely has time to notice. She’s pitching for the biggest deal of her career and can’t afford to fail. And when she meets attractive stranger, Sam Kemp, on the plane to the meeting, she can’t afford to lose her focus either. She learned to shut off her emotions long ago and only her sister and best friend Isobel knows why. But when Allegra finds herself up against Sam for the bid, their passion quickly turns sour.

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The Christmas Train by David Baldacci

Disillusioned journalist Tom Langdon must get from Washington to LA in time for Christmas.

Forced to take the train across the country because of a slight ‘misunderstanding’ at airport security, he begins a journey of self-discovery and rude awakenings, mysterious goings-on and thrilling adventures, screwball escapades and holiday magic.

He has no idea that the locomotives pulling him across America will actually take him into the rugged terrain of his own heart, where he will rediscover people’s essential goodness and someone very special he believed he had lost.

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November 2020

Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn

When Patsy gets her long-coveted visa to America, it’s the culmination of years of yearning to be reunited with Cicely, her oldest friend and secret love, who left home years before for the ‘land of opportunity’. Patsy’s plans do not include her young daughter, Tru, whom she leaves behind in a bittersweet trail of sadness and relief. But Brooklyn is not at all what Cicely described in her letters, and to survive as an undocumented immigrant, Patsy is forced to work as a bathroom attendant, and ironically, as a nanny. Meanwhile, back in Jamaica, Tru struggles with her own questions of identity and sexuality, grappling every day with what it means to be abandoned by a mother who has no intention of returning.

Passionate, moving, and fiercely urgent, Patsy is a haunting depiction of immigration and womanhood, and the silent threads of love stretching across years and oceans.

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Whistle in the Dark by Emma Healy

Jen’s fifteen-year-old daughter goes missing for four agonizing days. When Lana is found, unharmed, in the middle of the desolate countryside, everyone thinks the worst is over. But Lana refuses to tell anyone what happened, and the police think the case is closed.

The once-happy, loving family returns to London, where things start to fall apart. Lana begins acting strangely: refusing to go to school, and sleeping with the light on.

With her daughter increasingly becoming a stranger, Jen is sure the answer lies in those four missing days. But will Lana ever reveal what happened?

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Sometimes it feels as if three minutes has passed when it’s been three days, and three nights pass like a shiver of wind through the trees.

Sammy is a spiky, quick-witted and sharp teenager living in Dublin; Nico is a warm and conscientious girl from Moldova.

This is a novel about a flourishing but hidden world, thinly concealed beneath a veneer of normality. It’s about the failings of polite society, the cruelty that can exist in apparently homely surroundings, the bluster of youth and the often appalling weakness of adults.

Harvesting is heartbreaking and funny, gritty, raw and breathtakingly beautiful, where redemption is found in friendship and unexpected acts of kindness.

Harvesting was inspired by Harding’s involvement with a campaign against sex trafficking run by the Children’s Rights Alliance. Although it is a fictionalised account, the text has been read and approved of by representatives for NGOs in both Moldova and Dublin.

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From the attic of a dilapidated English country house, she sees them – Cara first: dark and beautiful, clinging to a marble fountain of Cupid, and Peter, an Apollo. It is 1969 and they are spending the summer in the rooms below hers while Frances writes a report on the follies in the garden for the absent American owner. But she is distracted. Beneath a floorboard in her bathroom, she discovers a peephole which gives her access to her neighbours’ private lives.

But as the hot summer rolls lazily on, it becomes clear that not everything is right between Cara and Peter. The stories that Cara tells don’t quite add up – and as Frances becomes increasingly entangled in the lives of the glamorous, hedonistic couple, the boundaries between truth and lies, right and wrong, begin to blur. Amid the decadence of that summer, a small crime brings on a bigger one: a crime so terrible that it will brand all their lives forever.


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‘Where I come from, we’ve learned to silence ourselves. We’ve been taught that silence will save us. Where I come from, we keep these stories to ourselves. To tell them to the outside world is unheard of – dangerous, the ultimate shame.’

Three generations of Palestinian-American women living in Brooklyn are torn between individual desire and the strict mores of Arab culture in this heart-wrenching story of love, intrigue and courage.

Set in an America at once foreign to many and staggeringly close at hand, A Woman Is No Man is a story of culture and honour, secrets and betrayals, love and violence. It is an intimate glimpse into a controlling and closed cultural world, and a universal tale about family and the ways silence and shame can destroy those we have sworn to protect.

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October 2020


PLATFORM SEVEN by Louise Doughty

Platform Seven at 4am:

Peterborough Railway Station is deserted. The man crossing the covered walkway on this freezing November morning is confident he’s alone. As he sits on the metal bench at the far end of the platform it is clear his choice is strategic – he’s as far away from the night staff as he can get.

What the man doesn’t realise is that he has company. Lisa Evans knows what he has decided. She knows what he is about to do as she tries and fails to stop him walking to the platform edge.

Two deaths on Platform Seven. Two fatalities in eighteen months – surely they’re connected?

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The Discomfort of Evening by Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

The Man Booker Prize Winner 2020

The sensational Dutch bestseller: Marieke Lucas Rijneveld’s extraordinary portrait of a Dutch farming family distorted by grief, translated by Michele Hutchison.

Jas lives with her devout farming family in the rural Netherlands. One winter’s day, her older brother joins an ice skating trip; resentful at being left alone, she makes a perverse plea to God; he never returns. As grief overwhelms the farm, Jas succumbs to a vortex of increasingly disturbing fantasies, watching her family disintegrate into a darkness that threatens to derail them all.

The Discomfort of Evening is a radical reading experience that will leave you changed forever.

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Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler

Micah Mortimer isn’t the most polished person you’ll ever meet. His numerous sisters and in-laws regard him oddly but very fondly, but he has his ways and means of navigating the world.

Redhead by the Side of the Road is an intimate look into the heart and mind of a man who sometimes finds those around him just out of reach – and a love story about the differences that make us all unique.

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May 2020

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo ebook and eaudiobook on reserve

Kim Ji Young, a young mother with lingering post-natal moods, is acting erratically and confusing her husband. Her family can’t reconcile her dissatisfaction with her life. Chapters, told by her psychiatrist, recount her upbringing and her parents’ approach to her education, employment and value as a woman in Korean society. An insight into workplace and homelife issues for women in modern Korea and the gender discrimination women face.

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Transcription by Kate Atkinson 

A view of MI5 from the side of the female transcriptionists who worked behind the scenes on counter intelligence in 1940s London. Juliet, now working for BBC in the 1950s, is haunted by memories of her intelligence career during the war – the undercover work, the subterfuge and the innocents caught up in the bureaucracy of war intelligence. Clever, witty and surprising.

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The Word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz 

A murder within a book, with Horowitz himself as narrator, and his enigmatic and Holmes-like detective Hawthorne clashing over the telling of a murder investigation as Horowitz asks the wrong questions of the suspects and generally infuriates Hawthorne. An enjoyable and inventive read for detective fans with a satirical look at Horowitz’ own career changes, through children’s writing to screenwriting and writing for adults.

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The Grace Year by Kim Liggett 

Set in a harsh society where women are treated as dangerous slaves, this is an exciting and evocative read for fans of the Handmaids Tale.  16 year old Tierney must face the challenge for all girls her age: to be isolated for a year with the rest of the girls from her village until their female ‘magic’ that seduces and destroys men is driven out of them, even if they are maimed or murdered by the murky poachers who stalk the young women for their parts. At times gruesome and poetic, this is a compelling story of resilience and courage.

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Dear Mrs. Bird by A. J. Pearce

It’s 1941 and London is experiencing the horrors of the Blitz. Emmeline, a young and enthusiastic woman, longs to become a Lady War Correspondent. Thinking she is being interviewed for an important role on a newspaper, she mistakenly takes a job as a junior typist on the problem page of a magazine, The Woman’s Friend and soon finds herself wrapped up in the problems of her readers.

Meanwhile, as times grow harder and more of Emmy’s friends become involved in the war effort, Emmy struggles with a number of problems of her own.

A warm-hearted read about life during a very difficult time and the ways in which people coped. Emmy’s positive outlook and compassionate nature will have readers falling in love with her and her attempts to ‘keep up a good face’ during war-time.

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Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller

Gil is browsing the shelves in his local second hand book shop when he glances out the window and catches a glimpse of his dead wife. Ingrid has been missing for eleven years though it is commonly believed that she drowned. Still mystery surrounds her disappearance and her youngest daughter Flora believes she may still be alive. Gil’s chase after his wife leads to a serious accident and both his daughters return home to care for their father. This story is told through a series of letters from Ingrid to Gil which she hides in various books around the house. In between these letters are chapters about the two daughters, in particular Flora, as they gather around to care for Gil who is struggling with memories of his past.

A gripping read that will leave readers guessing even after the last page.

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The Woman in the Photograph by Stephanie Butland

It’s 1968 and in England a budding photographer Veronica Moon is struggling to make her way in the male dominated world of photojournalism. When she meets feisty Leonie Barrett, her whole world view changes and she starts to challenge all of her previously held ideas about the world and what it means to be a woman. Leonie and Veronica’s friendship plays out against the backdrop of the women’s movement with Leonie’s ardent views influencing Veronica both personally and professionally. Fifty years after they first meet Veronica has a become a recluse, her career ending with one famous photograph. Leonie is gone and Erica, Leonie’s niece, is eager to put on an exhibition of Veronica’s work. Veronica agrees despite her reservations. The story moves from the present day to the past, chronicling Veronica’s friendship with Leonie. Bringing the reader to the heart of the feminist movement, The Woman in the Photograph challenges its audience and asks the question – how much has really changed for women since 1968? A thought-provoking and insightful read.

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April 2020

What Alice Forgot by Lianne Moriarty

Although Moriarty is perhaps best known for her novel turned TV drama ‘Big Little Lies, this is one of her earlier outings. It’s a lighter read than ‘Big Little Lies’ but none the less enjoyable. This is the story of Alice who wakes up to find she has lost ten years of her life. Young Alice is not very happy with the choices her older self has made and sets about ‘fixing’ things. This is the ultimate comfort read – to be enjoyed with chocolate and a cup of whatever you fancy.

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The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

This is a retelling of Homer’s great poem ‘The Iliad’ but with a twist; events are played out through the eyes of Briseis, the woman taken prisoner by Achilles – the great ‘Greek Hero’ – or is he?
Briseis gives us a clear-eyed view of her new life as Achilles’ ‘prize’ and how the lives of all women depended on the whims of the winning army. Fans of Madeline Miller’s ‘Circe’ will enjoy this alternate look at Homer’s world but don’t be put off by the historical slant; the writing is fresh and contemporary and makes for an enjoyable read.

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The Man Who Didn’t Call by Rosie Walsh

Don’t be fooled by the cover, this is no ordinary romance and is really more thriller than love story. Perfect for anyone after a good mystery and who doesn’t mind staying up to the early hours to read ‘just one more page’. Unexpected twists and turns make this the ideal distraction for those of us staying home at the moment.

Currently available as part of our Borrowbox Unlimited selection, available for immediate download as an eBook or eAudiobook, no queues!


Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Cleverly told through interviews with fictional 70s supergroup The Six, this novel combines the story of the rise of a band with the trials and heartbreak of the people behind it. The music makers seem like real artists, and the song lyrics sing off the page. Daisy herself is a charismatic romantic with a talent for hits only matched by her skill for self destruction. Wonderfully engaging and enjoyable story of how music is made and the musicians whose lives inform it.

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The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary

Two Londoners agree to share an apartment, without ever meeting. Tiffy and Leon are both genuine, likable characters who begin to build a friendship through texts and notes, while supporting each other to rebuild their lives. An exhilarating love story about two people who save each other. Filled with humour and charm.

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City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert

A very enjoyable story of a privileged young woman moving to New York in 1940, her encounters with actors, showgirls, and celebrities and her own growth into recognising the seriousness of the world around her. This book, by Eat Pray Love author Elizabeth Gilbert, is delightfully escapist and a good snapshot into life in New York in the mid century, full of the romance and heartbreak of youth.

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Idaho by Emily Ruskovich

This novel follows Wade and Anne’s marriage, the tragedy of Wade’s past and Anne’s part or knowledge of it. As memories fade, Anne tries to piece together the motives for the deaths of Wade’s children, and the novel moves to the children’s mother, Jenny in jail, and others who had known the children, to help us see a fuller picture of their life in rural Idaho and what led to their deaths. Written in beautiful, haunting prose, this book explores it’s characters’ emotional landscape within the landscapes of Idaho.

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Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

At an expensive, luxury spa retreat, most of the participants don’t expect much more than some pampering and perhaps some weight loss. The Spa’s director has her own plan for the group, who come to know each other more closely as the spa becomes more confrontational in it’s plans for ‘wellness’. Witty and surprising, this book manages to make all its narrators individuals and understandable, if not always likable.

Currently available as part of our Borrowbox Unlimited selection, available for immediate eAudiobook download, no queues!

The Familiars by Stacey Halls

This novel takes us back to the early seventeenth century when belief in witchcraft was common. The story is based on the famous Lancashire Witch Trials. The main character is Fleetwood Shuttleworth, mistress of Gawthorpe Hall, who is pregnant for the fourth time and has yet to give birth to a living child. Putting her faith in a local midwife, Alice Gray, she soon finds herself tangled up in an unfamiliar world. As the relationship between the two women grows, tensions rise and difficult choices must be made. Strong female characters and an exciting story make this a must read for fans of historical fiction.

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The Other Half of Augusta Hope by Joanna Glen

This is an exquisite read; at times heartbreaking, at times full of beauty and hope. It is one of those books whose characters will stay with you long after their story has ended. It doesn’t always make for the easiest of reads but once you have started, you’ll be glad you did as ultimately it’s a hopeful book about the strength of the human spirit.

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Big Lies in a Small Town by Diane Chamberlain

The latest offering from prolific writer Diane Chamberlain introduces the reader to two characters; both young and creative women but one is living in 2018 and the other is in 1940. 1940s Anna has been hired to paint a mural for the local post office while in 2018 Morgan is struggling with life after being released early from a three year prison sentence. Morgan has been freed so that she can restore Anna’s mural but why was the mural hidden away for so long? And why has the artist never been seen or heard from since? A mystery that slowly unravels while introducing the reader to the prejudices of 1940s small town America and the difficulties of starting over after life in prison.

If you enjoy this read why not sample some of Chamberlain’s other work on BorrowBox. Her novels usually deal with heavy topics but they are dealt with in a hopeful and often inspiring tone.

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