Burial Registers

As ‘Sanitary Authorities’, the Board of Guardians in the Poor Law Unions, who ran local workhouses, also became responsible for the operation of some of the burial grounds in the City and County. The City Council also operated as Sanitary Authority, as were the Grand Jury and Dungarvan Town Commissioners. In the early twentieth century, the new County Council, Rural District Councils and Urban District Council established under the Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898, acting as Sanitary Authorities, opened new burial grounds or took over responsibility for some older grounds. These burial grounds became the responsibility of Waterford County Council or of the Town Councils when the Rural District Councils were abolished in 1925.

Waterford City and County Archives has digitised the burial registers that survive from these authorities. The burial registers have been provided as PDF documents (there is not a search facility) but where there is an index in a register, this can be used to locate specific entries. Maps of each of the burial grounds have also been provided. You can click on each of the maps provided and enlarge them to enable individual plot numbers to be visible on the map.

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