Decies No. 50

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  • Decies (L) (50)
  •  (Waterford; Waterford Archaeological and Historical Society, 1995)


    • Editorial
    • Port Lairge: The first sixty-five years? / by Tom Nolan 
    • The city wall at 118-119 Parade Quay, Waterford / by C. Sheehan
    • Local government in County Waterford in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries I. The office of sheriff, c. 1208-1305 / by Ciaran Parker
    • Monumental inscriptions at the Abbey, Kilculliheen, Waterford Part II Nos. 89-165 (letters E to J) / by Michael O’Sullivan
    • The geography of Deise surnames / by Jack Burtchaell
    • James Scurry (1790-1828): A South Kilkenny scholar / by Kathleen Laffan
    • The phoenix arises: The early years of Waterford Glass / by John M. Hearne
    • Bishop Foy and the cause of reform / by Declan Grogan (ed. by J. Falvey)
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