Frank Snaps – Photography Exhibition at Central Library

September 10, 2018 to October 6, 2018

Frank SnapsDuring the 1950s/60s, Frank Rolls was a street photographer, using the name Frank Snaps, all around Waterford, Tramore and places in the general hinterland, taking photographs of people on the streets, the prom and strand, during various processions and events, in dance halls and at carnivals, just to mention some of the places he covered.

It was a time when family cameras weren’t widely possessed and street photographers were popular. Dublin had Arthur Fields who snapped people on O’Connell Bridge for about 50 years and his work has been seen by readers of the book “Man on the Bridge” and by visitors to the exhibitions of his work.

An exhibition of Frank Rolls’ photographs is being staged in Waterford Central Library from Monday 10 September to Saturday 6 October. About 500 Frank Snaps photos will be on view and the public are invited to help in identifying people – he did not keep any records of those he photographed. Admission to this exhibition is free.

Many will, no doubt, have their own collection of Frank Snaps photos which they would like to add to the collection on display. In such a case, they should contact the main organiser of the event, Andy Kelly, as soon as possible. He can be contacted on 087 7585500 or by email on Andy can make a copy of such photos, and will enhance them if necessary, without them even leaving the owners’ hands.

If sufficient participants are named and permission to publish the photos is granted, the hope is that it will be possible to publish a book capturing people around the Waterford area 60/70 years ago – an earlier generation.

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