5×5 Project

What is inside the 5km boundary where you are?
Engage your five senses and discover the stories within your 5km!

What is special about the area where you live that you would like the world to know?
Fighting Words invites you to explore the world around you and share your creativity with us!
Take a photograph of something within your 5km limit and write its story in five…five what? It’s up to you!

·        A poem in 5 words or 5 lines 
·        A story in 5 paragraphs
·        A poem in 5 words or 5 lines
·        A comic in 5 panels
·        An illustration in 5 colours
·        A song with 5 lines or verses
·        5 objects in the photo that tell a story
·        Or your own idea about 5×5!

The 5×5 Project – Five Is No Limit

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